Monday, May 02, 2005


Vote Lib Dem, Get Lib Dem

I changed at Earls Court this morning to hear Tony Blair speaking in Wimbledon. "Vote Lib Dem and let a Tory in," he says.

Let's look at the result in Richmond Park last time:

Liberal Democrat 23,444
Conservative 18,480
Labour 5,541
Greens 1,223
UKIP 348
Independent 115

You don't need a degree in hard sums to see that if every Labour supporter in Richmond Park voted Lib Dem, the Tories would lose even more heavily.

Reader's voice: But what about the national picture?

Whittington replies: It's a Bank Holiday. I don't have time for higher mathematics. But as a special favour I shall point you towards this blog posting. It proves that no amount of Labour voters switching to the Lib Dems could bring about a majority Tory government.

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