Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Dealing with the dog menace

Richard Allan reports an extraordinary advertisement for a Tory council candidate in Sheffield:

The Lib Dems, they say incorrectly but in line with their other wild claims about our policies, want to impose a dog tax. The reason for this is to make dogs homeless. They want dogs to be homeless because the Lib Dem Leader is Scottish. Because he is Scottish he likes haggis. Haggis, they say (presumably they are not concerned about the Scots vote in Sheffield), is made of dog meat and there is a shortage of dogs. If you vote Lib Dem then by January 25th next year (they helpfully explain that this is Burns Night) all the dogs in Sheffield will have been turned into haggis.
Speaking in a purely personal capacity, this sounds an excellent idea to me. But apparently it is not party policy.

Richard thinks it is meant to be funny. I suppose the lesson is that you have to be rather an odd person to be a Tory activist these days. So there leaflets will be increasingly, er, barking.

Incidentally, I was pleased to see Jeremy Thorpe returning to the political fray. Now there was a Liberal who knew how to deal with dogs.

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