Saturday, April 09, 2005


Volecruncher each way

My helper has been unwell for the past few days (honestly, humans!), which means that my efforts to save Rover will have to go unrecorded. Suffice to say, my first piece of advice was to change the name.

This morning I arrived at Windsor to find huge cheering crowds outside the station. I give a modest wave, reflecting that this blog is going down rather well. Then I remember.

Stopping only to place a bet on Hedgehunter in the Grand National (being something of a hedgehunter myself – there is no horse called Volecruncher), I hurry to the Windsor Municipal Refuse Depot and Registry Office for the wedding of the year.

The Prince of Wales wore an oyster silk basket-weave coat and chiffon dress for the civil ceremony [I cannot read my notes very well here so this may not be quite right] and Camilla Parker Bowles (a descendant of Edward VII’s mistress Alice Wilson-Keppel-And-Betty) wore a broad grin.

Then on to the Castle for the service of blessing. Jonathan Dimbleby is there. Rowan Atkinson is therer. Stephen Fry is there. But then it is rather a surprise if one goes to an event or turns on the television and finds that Stephen Fry is not there.

It is all very enjoyable but drags on rather and I start worrying about the race. I see the Queen looking at her watch too and follow her when she steals away.

I see Hedgehunter romp home and escape with the smoked salmon before I am spotted.

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