Sunday, April 10, 2005


Michael Howard on immigration

It hasn't taken this election campaign long to descend into the gutter, has it?

Just take a look at this report of his speech in Telford today:

As the 2005 election campaign kicked off, he said immigration was "out of control" and insisted that the issue had been a "no go area" for politicians for too long.

Speaking in Telford, he said: "Mr Blair may want to pussyfoot around this issue, but I don't."

Disgusting, isn't it? No politician should deal in crude stereotypes like this.

"Pussyfooting"? I'll give him bloody pussyfooting. And I won't have my claws sheathed either.

And I don't like his views on immigration much either. What Howard misses is that Britain has always gained from immigration whether it has been by the Huguenots , Jews fleeing pogroms in Russia, East African Asians or Transylvanian tailors.

We should be secure enough in our identity to welcome people from other cultures so that we can be enriched by...

Excuse me. That Siamese from next door is in my garden again.

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