Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Leaflet delivering: An apology from Whittington

This morning I offered to do some leaflet delivering in North Sheen.

Susan is working so hard that I like to do my bit. Mostly I offer strategic advice and rodent control services, but sometimes you have to put paw to pavement.

Just as I was setting off, someone sent me a link to a new game: WMD Hunt. In it, you search 10 Downing Street looking for those elusive "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

You remember. They were the ones in Iraq that were so dangerous we had to go to war without delay.

I have found all sorts of things at No. 10 in the game, but not poor Humphrey. He was the Downing Street cat and first martyr of the Blair premiership. (The word in the alley is that he is buried somewhere under the Millennium Dome.)

The game is addictive - in fact I have just looked at the clock and seen it is after seven.

I have sent Banksie the Newt out with the leaflets and will catch him up when I have played WMD Hunt just once more...

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