Monday, April 18, 2005


How Kennedy saw off Paxman

I missed Charles Kennedy's stumble over local income tax at his early morning press conference. I don't do early mornings. I like to stay in the airing cupboard until the streets are, well, aired.

But I was determined not to miss this evening's interview, which was recorded earlier in the afternoon at Albert Dock in Liverpool.

I took precaution of taking with me a number of placards carrying the main points of our policies, in case Charles found himself in a tight corner. Whenever Paxman tried to catch him out I would hold up the relevant one, allowing him to read off the details.

My one omission was not to have a placard telling him what to say if he was asked about the leadership of the party. When he looked to me for guidance on that one, I gave an expansive shrug involving all four paws.

I think he saw this as me rolling on my back in ecstasy at the thought of his carrying on, and answered accordingly.

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