Tuesday, April 26, 2005


From my correspondence

I received a letter the other day (you can reach me at this address) and replied in the following terms. I have yet to hear back.

If this is a case of discrimination against cats then I shall lobby the new government to do something about it.

Failing that, there is always the ballot for private members' bills...

That correspondence in full

Hello Paul

I am a cat. Does this alter the legal situation?

Warm regards


On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 20:06:46 +0200, "Pual Adesina"<http://www.fastmail.fm/mail/?MLS=MR-**2*;SMB-MF-SF=Date_1;SMR-Part=;SMR-MsgId=2;SMB-MF-DI=10;Ust=09bd78a0!226b41a5;SMR-FM=1;SMB-CF=3971058;UDm=49;MSignal=MC-FromName*U-1*pauladesina11%40fsmail.net> said:
> Good day,
> My name is Paul Adesina staff of the ACCESS BANK PLC. I am an accountant
> with the said bank, I discovered an account with the sum of
> US$27.800,000.00.( Twentyseven million eight hundred thousand US dollars)
> that has been abandoned and unserviced for more than eleven years
> belonging to one of our customer. Our banking law stipulates that if such
> account remain unserviced and the fund unclaimed for twelve years, the
> money will be confiscated and go to the bank revenue as an unclaimed
> fund.

> It is unpon this discovery my colleaques and I decided to make our
> secret and personal inquiries about the account's owner (depositor) and
> the next of kin, but sadly, he died with his Wife and only child in a
> plane crash. We solicit that you stand as the next of kin so that the
> money will be transfered to your account or any other account you may
> provide for us. We proposed that the money be shared as follows, 30% for
> you, 70% for my colleaques and I. As officials of the bank, we have the
> full account information and document to surport your claim.

> Please, could you urgently notify me of your acceptance to assist in this
> transaction, I shall inturn provide you with all necessary information
> about the account and the modalities for a formal application to secure
> the claim and the immediate transfer of the fund to your account or any
> other account you may provide for us.

> I believe you do understand the confidential nature of this transaction
> and hope you will be honest and trustworthy.

> Best regards,

> Paul Adesina

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