Sunday, April 03, 2005


An exclusive interview with Whittington

Who is your owner?

Dogs have owners. We cats have staff.

Let me rephrase that: Who do you live with?

I still keep a basket at Susan Kramer's. She is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Richmond Park, you know, and has lived in Barnes for many years.

So you are often found in Barnes?

Yes, and in barns, derelict warehouse and anywhere else you are likely to find a good supply of rodents.

But do you like Richmond Upon Thames?

I love the place. You will often find me taking a saucer of milk at the Maids of Honour teashop in Kew or enjoying a little rough mousing in Kew Gardens or Richmond Park.

What have you been doing since the first London Mayoral campaign?

After that campaign made me famous - writing what is arguably Britain's first political blog - I received many offers. I had a chat show on French television for a while, set up a rodent control business and act as a consultant on dog control for many local authorities.

What will you be writing about in this campaign?

I see myself as a cat of the world, able to give a mature feline perspective on events as they unfold across the country.

How do you think Margaret Hodge will do?

For obvious reasons, I rarely visit Barking.

How about the Isle of Dogs? Airedale? The West Highlands?

That isn't funny.

I am sorry; please don't swish your tale at me like that. Seriously, where will you be going during the campaign?

Anywhere and everywhere - with the few exceptions you mentioned. Wherever there is a story I shall be there. I am off to Arundel tomorrow, for instance.

Reading your earlier diary I see frequent mentions of a newt called Banksie. What became of him?

As I said: dogs have owners, cats have staff.

Thank you, Whittington.

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