Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Dodgy doings in Dorset

You have probably heard about Ed Matts and his doctored photographs. The Tory candidate for Dorset South has been caught out. He altered a picture showing him and Ann Widdecombe protesting against the deportation of a family.

In the original photograph he was holding a picture of the family and Ann Widdecombe was holding a sign saying "Let Them Stay". In the version he printed in his election leaflet he is holding a notice saying "Controlled Immigration" and Ann Widdecombe's now says "Not Chaos & Inhumanity".

Only in the modern Conservative Party would a candidate feel the need to cover up an act of decency like defending a local family from deportation.

But all this has made me look at Mr Matts' leaflets with a more quizzical eye. Take his photograph captioned "Rolf Harris helps Ed Matts collect signatures for a petition in Swanage High Street".

It may be Rolf, but I have a strong suspicion that someone has drawn a beard and glasses on that photo of Ann Widdecombe with a black marker pen.

I also have grave doubts about the one showing Groucho Marx canvassing in Weymouth.

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