Monday, April 04, 2005


At the Palace

Where have I been today? Exercising every cat's prerogative, I have been up to London to visit the Queen.

And very relaxed she seemed. "Thank goodness that ghastly little man isn't coming today," she said, before ringing for a large gin.

On the way out I frightened a little mouse, but it got under a chair and I was unable to catch it before one of the corgis saw me and I was obliged to run.

On the District line home I wondered why Tony Blair is in such a hurry to call a general election. His government could remain office until next June if he chose, and he risks losing some of his most cherished measures - the Human Rights (Suppression) Bill, the Barcodes (Tattooing on Forehead) Bill and so on - in his haste.

"Cutting and running," we used to call it. I suspect there is bad news ahead.

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